“Globally, all cities are vulnerable to severe impacts from a range of shocks and stresses that can be both natural and human made. Today, cities and city inhabitants are facing additional and amplified challenges as a result of rapid urbanization, climate change and political instability. Resilience refers to the ability of any urban system to maintain continuity through all shocks and stresses while positively adapting and transforming towards sustainability.”

(UN-Habitat, 2017, Preface) In this course, the lecturer will guide the participants through the jungle of resilience literature with the aim of developing an understanding of the relevance and the specific tools of urban resilience in different scenarios. For this purpose, we will engage in online and if possible live workshops, debates, lectures, and writing exercises to look into and start to understand this complex topic. At the end, students are expected to develop sketch concepts and strategies for the urban practice of their home country or city.